Contact Information for People Stranded in Afghanistan

August 16, 2021
Press Release

Contact Information for People Stranded in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Today, Congressman Andy Kim is providing information for people stranded in Afghanistan:


If you are a constituent of New Jersey’s Third Congressional District and would like additional evacuation or casework assistance, please contact our office via this link: Zip Code Lookup | Representative Andy Kim (


Important Joint Statement on Afghanistan Evacuation Travel Assurances - United States Department of State


For important updates, security alerts, and other information, please periodically check the U.S. Embassy Kabul’s alerts and messages page. You should also seek updates on the Afghanistan evacuation process through the State Department through this link.  


U.S. citizens who are currently in Afghanistan requesting assistance in departing the country who have not yet completed the Repatriation Assistance Request for each traveler in your group should do so as soon as possible. Spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens in Afghanistan who are awaiting immigrant visas should also complete this form if they wish to depart.  The State Department will contact registered U.S. citizens as the security situation changes to provide further instructions.  


If you are an Afghan citizen that has a completed or pending Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) case, you should await further news from the US Department of State.  Afghan nationals who are eligible for the SIV program who have not yet done so, are encouraged to submit one complete application package to the National Visa Center (NVC) to facilitate processing in an expeditious manner.   


If you are an Afghan citizen that has a P-1 or P-2 case, or another at-risk Afghan citizen, you may obtain visa information here Visas | U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan ( 


We will continue to update our guidance as we monitor changing conditions on the ground in Kabul, or to include any new guidance from the State Department or Department of Defense. Please visit for any additional updates.