Congressman Kim Votes to Pass Paycheck Fairness Act

March 28, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Kim Votes to Pass Paycheck Fairness Act


WASHINGTON, DC – The following is a statement from Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03) on the passage of H.R. 7:


“Fighting for paycheck fairness isn’t just about fighting discrimination in the workplace, it’s about fighting to make sure working families aren’t denied the income they need to afford health care and build a better life for the next generation. I’m proud to stand with the full bipartisan delegation from New Jersey to co-sponsor and support this important legislation and call on the Senate to finish the job and send this bill to the President.”


The Paycheck Fairness Act is an important step toward ending gender-based wage discrimination and ensuring all women receive equal pay for equal work. Specifically, The Paycheck Fairness Act would: 


• Require employers to prove that pay disparities exist for legitimate, job-related reasons and not based on gender alone

• Ban retaliation against workers who discuss their wages

• Limits how employers can use the salary history of prospective employees

• Create a negotiation and skills training program

• Remove obstacles in the Equal Pay Act to allow workers to participate in class action lawsuits that challenge systemic pay discrimination

• Improve the Department of Labor’s (DOL) tools for enforcing the Equal Pay Act.