Congressman Kim Statement on H.Res. 72

February 4, 2021
Press Release

Congressman Kim Statement on H.Res. 72

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03) released the following statement on H.Res. 72, which would remove Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from her standing committees.

“Today’s vote represented a choice: we could stand up for a way of governing that allows us to disagree without being disagreeable and to work out our differences through trust and civility, or we could allow our institutions to become sideshows where politicians use hate and division to pursue personal agendas. That choice is clear, and it’s why I voted to remove Congresswoman Greene from her committees.

Congresswoman Greene’s record – both past and present – does not reflect the kind of government we need to address the incredible challenges of our time. By spreading proven lies and anti-Semitic tropes, she has moved us further from the kind of government the American people deserve; one where service, not self, defines our priorities.

The seditious insurrection of January 6th shows that Congresswoman Greene’s actions alone are not the extent of the problem we face as a country. The rise of violent extremism has exposed a crisis of community, civility and civics that threatens our democracy. The men and women who defaced our Capitol are only a symptom of deeper issues we face as a society that has ceded trust to a tyrannical hatred. We must come together to not only condemn the actions of those attackers, and their enablers like Congresswoman Greene, but to put forth solutions that address the root causes of their actions.

As I worked to pick up the pieces of the Capitol in the wake of the attack, I stand ready to work with my colleagues to repair our democracy and the society it is built upon.”  

Congressman Kim is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and the House Committee on Small Business. More information about Congressman Kim can be found on his website by clicking here