Small Business, Jobs & the Economy

America’s workers are the very foundation of our economy: when they win, America wins.  I’m pleased the 116th Congress will see the return of “Labor” alongside Education at the Committee level.  I will work to support unions and protect the American worker through project labor agreements, a livable wage, workforce development and a safe work environment.

It’s long past time for our government to prioritize small businesses, which are the true engine of the American economy, instead of big corporations.  There are thousands of small businesses all over the Third District and I hope to be a resource to them in improving access to capital, simplifying accounting standards and easing any unnecessary regulatory burdens. 

I will support tax reform that focuses on permanent cuts for middle-class families instead of corporations and the ultra-wealthy.  I’ll also support repealing the cap on State and Local Tax deductions that have hurt thousands of New Jersey’s families and driven home values down.

Lastly, I’m in favor of a big, bold infrastructure plan to rebuild our crumbling roads, bridges and tunnels.  It should deepen and improve our ports, expand access to broadband, improve our power grid and invest in our schools, hospitals and public facilities.  Doing so will put millions of Americans to work, boost our economy and improve efficiency and productivity for years to come.