Every American, rich or poor, should be able to get the health care that they need, and no American should be denied because of a pre-existing medical condition.  I will work to expand access and protect the 129 million Americans living with a pre-existing conditions. 


I’ll also work to support the next generation of medical professionals through training & workforce development.  Our healthcare delivery system should value patient care and outcomes more than billable services.  I’ll support efforts to help transform the industry to reflect putting patient care first.


Lowering the Cost of Prescription Drugs


The high cost of prescription drugs forces far too many of New Jersey’s families to choose between their health and other bills.  I will work aggressively in support of policies that will lower the cost of prescription drugs including allowing Medicare to directly negotiate with pharmaceutical companies, requiring pricing transparency and implementing safeguards against price gouging.


Addressing the Opioid Epidemic as a National Security Crisis

America’s opioid epidemic is a national security crisis.  It’s the deadliest drug overdose epidemic in U.S. history, with 142 Americans dying every day.  New Jersey’s overdose death rate is higher than the national average.


While Congress has taken laudable steps toward addressing the crisis, the bottom line is that there are simply not enough resources being devoted to addressing a problem this big in a holistic way.  The scope and scale of America’s opioid crisis demands more than just a one-time spending jolt.  Congress must provide serious and sustained funding to expand access to treatment and address the root causes of addiction (including mental health and socioeconomic factors).

As a Member of the Bipartisan Heroin and Opioid Task Force, I look forward to leading on these issues in the 116th Congress.