Energy & Environment

Most people in New Jersey - Democrats, Republicans and Independents - know that climate change is real.  I’ve called it a national security crisis.  We need to respond as such.  Our weather patterns are worsening.  We have more “record-breaking” storms, more frequent flooding, more severe droughts, higher tides, more beach erosion and on and on.  Climate change is an issue that can’t wait.

Many people in New Jersey are still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, which was 6 years ago. The economic costs of these storms are severe and last for years. Now is the time to get ahead of it – to lead the way on so-called green jobs and technology.  I will support policies that invest in renewable energy, high-tech manufacturing and biotechnology.  With our location and workforce, New Jersey is primed to thrive in a 21st century economy.

            I also oppose and will fight any effort to open New Jersey’s coast to offshore drilling.  It threatens our stunning shoreline, home values, fishing industries, local businesses and way of life.