Democracy Reform

As promised, the very first bill I cosponsored in Congress was H.R.1, which makes major, meaningful reforms to strengthen our democracy with the boldest attempt to fight money in politics in nearly 20 years, increase election security, improve voter registration systems, end partisan gerrymandering and enact badly needed ethics reforms. This legislation will help create a government that works for the people instead of corporations and the wealthy and I’m pleased to champion it.

Campaign Finance Reform

The flood of dark money in our elections does a disservice to our democracy.  I support some forms of public financing and empowering grassroots supporters through matching contributions to combat the strength of multi-million dollar super PACs.  


End Gerrymandering

Voters should choose their politicians instead of politicians choosing their voters.  I support ending partisan political gerrymandering and requiring states to move to independent/bipartisan/nonpartisan redistricting commissions.  


Stop Voter Suppression and Restore the Voting Rights Act

Elections should be fought and won on ideas, not changing the rules of the game to disenfranchise your opponent.  Congress must take a hard look at the impact of the 2013 Shelby v. Holder decision, which gutted the Voting Rights Act.  We must stop voter suppression and restore the Voting Rights Act to full strength so that every American’s right to vote is protected.


Fight Corruption by Strengthening Ethics Rules

We must hold our elected officials and leaders to the highest of standards.  Corruption, harassment, abuse of power, fraud, and deceit cannot be tolerated.  I support strengthening badly-needed ethics rules.


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