How We Can Help

Since January of 2019, Congressman Kim’s office has assisted residents of Burlington and Ocean Counties resolve more than 4,300 issues with federal agencies such as Medicare, Social Security or the Department of Veterans Affairs. In these tough times, Congressman Kim’s office has also directly helped neighbors struggling to access their unemployment, direct payments or small business assistance in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis. Congressman Kim's office is proud to have returned more than $2.2 million to constituents during the pandemic.

The following stories are from New Jerseyans helped by Congressman Kim’s office. If you have a similar issue to the stories you see below, you can reach out by clicking here.

Helping Our Neighbors Through Coronavirus (more than 1,000 cases)

Amit Shah – Marlton

Problem: “My father who was in India for a funeral had his flight cancelled during the beginning stage of COVID-19 and thus stuck in India during their national shutdown. Our father, who is 77, low on his medication and meets the criteria for being vulnerable to COVID-19, we tried to get him on an evacuation flight to no avail. We contacted Congressman Kim’s office and worked with his team over a course of two weeks to contact the State Department and Embassy to ultimately get him on the last evacuation flight.”

Solution: “Congressman Kim’s staff were angels. After I reached out on 4/4/20 via Congressman Andy Kim’s website (which I felt was a long shot), they reached out a few days later and gathered our information and facilitated communications to the State Department and Embassy to eventually get our father on a flight. There were some tough moments, but they were solid, responsive and fantastic to communicate with. We could not have done this to get our father home without them.”

Paula Abbato – Barnegat

Problem: “The problem was actually my parents who are in their 80’s…they received a letter from the IRS asking to confirm their identity while the IRS is not open due to COVID19.”

Solution: “Congressman Kim not only helped solve this problem, but did so in an official, polite and caring manner.  I was able to send [his staff] the documents in order…to forward them to the IRS agent during COVID-19 when things are at a halt.  [They] kept me in the loop of how the status of things were going and [they] were truly caring of my parents’ concern about this problem.  If not for Congressman Kim and his staff…God only knows how I would have been able to rectify this problem for my parents.  THANK YOU!!”

Edward Pericoloso – Mt. Laurel 

Problem: "I had a hard time obtaining a full refund for travel on Frontier Airlines."

Solution: "After almost four months of letters, emails, phone calls, etc, and numerous events where I was given misinformation, I decided to call Congressman Kim. I spoke with his team and they were nothing short of remarkable. I believe without their help, my issue would not have been resolved. They were kind, curteous, and knowledgable."

Sheila  – Medford

Problem: "I was eligible for the stimulus check but never received it. The IRS told my son I wasn't eligible because my husband passed away in 2020. My son called Congressman Kim's office for help."

Solution: "My son reached out to Congressman Kim's office by email and received a prompt response. My son talked with a member of Congressman Kim's staff who was fantastic. He was thorough, timely and patient."

Helping Our Veterans with the VA (more than 600 cases)

Mark Chase – Toms River

Problem: “I am a former Marine and had my right leg amputated above the knee. For nearly a year, the VA kept me believing the lab was busy in the prosthetic lab working on a state-of-the-art C-leg. Much to my dismay, I learned that much of the staff had resigned from the VA, and the tech-in-charge denied my having that leg as he felt I was an “unsuitable” candidate.”

Solution: “Congressman Kim was able to breakthrough the bureaucratic red tape and I am now walking better than I have been since the operation.”

Joe – Barnegat

Problem: After years of struggle and facing bankruptcy, Joe came to Congressman Kim’s office for help with his VA disability claim.  He’d already been waiting for months and was seeking to expedite the proceeding before he lost his home.

Solution:  Congressman Kim’s office put in an inquiry about Joe’s claim and diligently followed up with officials at the VA regularly over the course of several weeks.  Joe was awarded $46,000 in back pay from the VA.  Congressman Kim and his staff went above and beyond meeting weekly and helping Joe identify and be in touch with veteran organizations in Ocean County that could help provide additional resources.  Joe said Congressman Kim’s staff was “like a friend to me.  Still is.”

Chris Bray – Beachwood

Problem:  Chris, a disabled veteran living on a tight income, was mistakenly asked pay more than $5,000 to the VA for compensation and pension benefit changes following his divorce.  

Solution:  In just over a month, Congressman Kim’s office was able to have his debt waived.  Chris said, “Thanks to the efforts of Rep. Kim and his staff a very large burden has been removed from my life in a dispute with the VA.  That burden threatened to cause me to lose my home and more.  The staff listened and followed through obtaining a result that removed all pressure from me as a veteran dealing with PTSD.”


Helping Our Seniors & Disabled Neighbors with Federal Agencies (more than 300 cases)

Moses – Mt. Laurel

Problem:  After working and paying into the system for more than thirty years, the Social Security Administration initially denied Moses’ disability claim.  He reached out to Congressman Kim’s office for help and an inquiry was filed on his behalf. 

Solution:  In less than one week, Moses’ denial was overturned and he was awarded eight weeks of backpay for the benefits he earned.  Moses called Congressman Kim’s staff “overwhelmingly helpful.”  He went on to say, “The problem was taken care of so quickly and efficiently, I was astonished.  I can’t say enough good things.”

Pierre Nelson – Willingboro

Problem:  After a devastating accident, Pierre was not receiving the full amount of disability payments he was owed for his young daughter.  He attempted to resolve the matter directly with the Social Security Administration for more than nine months before finally reaching out to Congressman Kim’s office.

Solution:  With the help of Congressman Kim’s office, Pierre’s issue was resolved within three weeks.  He said, “I am very happy to be represented by this office.  Very caring.  They put people first.”

Mark & Mary Oczkowski – Marlton

Problem: “My wife and I were having great difficulty getting a withdrawal from Social Security and also back payments owed to us.  For 6 months, we visited the Social Security office (each month) and made several calls without any results!  Our Social Security payments stopped and we had no one to turn to for help.  We were in a Social Security ‘Black Hole.’”

Solution: Congressman Kim’s staff “worked along with us for almost 6 months until we finally received the results and back payments that were owed to us.”  They were “extremely helpful and knowledgeable.”  Mark and Mary went on to say, “Without their assistance, I am sure we could not have resolved our issues with Social Security by ourselves.  These folks are there to help us when our government turns a ‘deaf ear’ to us.”

Jonathan – Toms River 

Problem: "I desperately needed help with my disability case. It took me seven years and only with the help of Congressman Kim's office did I get it."

Solution: "They reached out to SSA/Disability to make sure my case was expedited."


Helping Navigate Complex Health Care Issues (more than 250 cases)

Michael Canberg Sr. – Brick

Problem: Michael’s Medicare benefits were cancelled, and he was racking up medical bills.  He said, “Before I reached out to his office, I was not able to rectify a cancellation of my Medicare Benefits.  After several months of trying and being without insurance at

66 years of age, my neighbor suggested I call my Congressman, Andy Kim”

Solution: Congressman Kim’s staff “worked with total dedication in resolving my issues.  If not for [them], I would still be without medical insurance.  [They] fought diligently to rectify this computer error caused by the Social Security Administration.  I am so thankful to [them] for helping me out, as I am disabled with a broken back and shoulder.”

Nancy DiYenno – Medford Lakes

Problem: Nancy’s health was at serious, immediate risk while she struggled through bureaucratic red tape for months to correct an administrative error from the Social Security Administration that caused her to be considered ineligible for Medicare Part B (health insurance).

Solution: Congressman Kim’s office initiated a case and had the error corrected and her health insurance instated within weeks.  Nancy said, “Excellent service.  I had problems getting Medicare Part B approved.  Four trips to the local Social Security office did not resolve the issue.  One trip to Andy Kim’s office and the problem was solved within two weeks.”

Jane Doe – Columbus

Problem:  The Social Security Administration told Janice that she could not enroll in Medicare Part B (health insurance) for more than a year because of a lapse in coverage when she lost her employer-based health insurance.  Janice called, faxed and even went in person to the Social Security office to attempt to correct her file, but was unable to untangle the web of red tape.

Solution:  Congressman Kim’s office filed an inquiry including the accurate information proving Janice did not have a lapse in insurance coverage and she was immediately enrolled in Medicare Part B.  Janice said, “I had a wonderful positive experience dealing with [Congressman Kim’s staff].  Both were kind and very professional.  The best decision I ever made!”

Robert Serenelli – Brick

Problem:  Robert was fighting a medical billing battle for years and was forced to pay out of pocket for a service that should have been covered.  He said, “After two years of trying to recover money owed to me by Medicare, I finally contacted Congressman Andy Kim’s office for help.” 

Solution: “I shared my case and supporting evidence…and I got immediate results.  To date, I have been fully reimbursed all money due to me from Medicare.”

Daniel B. - Moorestown 

Problem: Daniel had lost his job due to the economic impact of the Coronavirus crisis and had a week and a half before he would lose his health insurance. Attempting to sign up for health care on, Daniel hit a glitch in the system which left him, "worried about not being covered at the beginning of the month and having a lapse in healthcare coverage."

Solution: Daniel reached out to Congressman Kim's office, "because they had been of great assistance to [his] father with regards to receiving his stimulus check last month." A member of Congressman Kim's team, "got back to me very promptly and tried to help in any way she could." Congressman Kim's staff put Daniel in touch with the Center for Family Services in Camden, who as a Navigator on, was able to answer his questions and, "choose the right plan."

Kathleen H. - Burlington Township

Problem: "I applied for Medicare, three months ahead as instructed. My application was not processing and I was without insurance." 

Solution: "Congressman Kim's office was able to cut through the red tape and get my application processed."

Helping Small Businesses (more than 50 cases)

Kristan Marter – Florence (As written in the Burlington County Times)

Problem: During the general session [of a town hall], I brought up being a small-business owner and the cost of buying health insurance for my husband and me, since there is no big employer paying a portion of it (it’s $26,868 a year, before any copays for doctors’ visits, prescriptions, physical therapy, X-rays, hospital stays, etc.).

Solution: Talking with a staff member, Kristan was told, “about — and also sent me information and links to — small-business health insurance through the marketplace that I wasn’t even aware of. It offers the same Omnia Silver plan we have now, for about $500 less per month than what I’m paying. That will make a difference for my business and my family.”